SST NightHawk EN, Enterprise Solid State Drives


Performance and Long-Term Endurance are the focus for SST NightHawk EN.  These MLC based SSDs utilize TRIM, Wear-Leveling, and StaticDataRefresh™ functions to optimize data processing efficiency. S.M.A.R.T. and built-in temperature sensors assist with monitoring drive health.

Outstanding Transfer Speeds: NightHawk offers faster data access, application loading and backup times. External DRAM is included and further enhances read/write and IOPS ratings.

Extreme Endurance: TBW up to 1.2 PB (petabytes) means these drives can withstand the test of time as well as heavy enterprise workloads.


Capacity Part Numbers Description
240GB SGNHE240 SST NightHawk EN 240GB Enterprise SSD SATA 6Gs TAA Compliant
480GB SGNHE480 SST NightHawk EN 480GB Enterprise SSD SATA 6Gs TAA Compliant
960GB SGNHE960 SST NightHawk EN 960GB Enterprise SSD SATA 6Gs TAA Compliant
1.92TB SGNHE1920 SST NightHawk EN 1.92TB Enterprise SSD SATA 6Gs TAA Compliant



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