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GSA Showing Signs of Renewed Focus on TAA…

GSA Showing Signs of Renewed Focus on TAA Compliance under Trump Administration In February, 2017, President Donald J. Trump addressed a joint session of Congress for the first time and outlined his plan for a “new chapter of American greatness.” That plan included renewed emphasis on protecting United States labor and manufacturing and can be summarized in the words he repeated often: “Buy American and Hire American”. There is a significant likelihood ...
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Memory Prices Climb to Multiyear Highs…

Memory Prices Climb to Multiyear Highs as Shortage Continues into 2017 DRAM Market Update
Personal computer memory prices have climbed to multiyear highs as chipmakers give priority to meeting demand from smartphone manufacturers, restricting the supply of memory chips for PCs. DRAM prices are now at a 19-month high. The February price of 4-gigabit DDR4 DRAM, installed in many of this winter’s new models, rose 3% from the prior month to around ...
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Why Our Customers Choose SST Transceivers

It’s true that 3rd party optical network transceivers are an excellent alternative to OEM original hardware since they can save a significant amount of money, but all 3rd party transceivers are not created equal. As an integral part of a mission critical networking environment, transceivers are the connecting point between sites and servers, and network uptime depends on their compatibility and durability. SST knows this and that understanding affects every step in ...
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Are Signs of Stability in the NAND Flash Market Premature?

SST Flash Market Update
  • 3D NAND transition still driving shortages of some SSD
  • Fall may bring increased demand for TLC and MLC NAND for mobile applications
  • Price Increases could continue through 2017
  • SST NightHawk™ has completed the transition to 3D NAND flash
As the NAND Flash shortage continued through the first quarter of 2017 some industry analysts were looking to the second half of the year for the market to ...
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