SST Accelera TLC Solid State Drives


Extend Laptop and Desktop workstation lifecycles and improve overall PC performance for a lower TCO. Accelera is great for business users and prosumers alike.

Accelera Datasheet

Capacity Part Numbers Description
120GB SGAC3120A SST Accelera 120GB 3D SSD SATA 6Gs TAA Compliant
250GB SGAC3250A SST Accelera 250GB 3D SSD SATA 6Gs TAA Compliant
500GB SGAC3500A SST Accelera 500GB 3D SSD SATA 6Gs TAA Compliant
1TB SGAC31TBA SST Accelera 1TB 3D SSD SATA 6Gs TAA Compliant


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2.5″ Solid State Drives

M.2 Solid State Drives

Server Drives

SST Kitted Storage for Servers and Notebooks offer the OEM Hot-Swap, Hot-Plug Storage experience without the expense and availability problems of OEM original products. With drives that meet or exceed OEM specifications, these drives offer true compatibility and ease-of-use.


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