Why Our Customers Choose SST Transceivers

It’s true that 3rd party optical network transceivers are an excellent alternative to OEM original hardware since they can save a significant amount of money, but all 3rd party transceivers are not created equal.

As an integral part of a mission critical networking environment, transceivers are the connecting point between sites and servers, and network uptime depends on their compatibility and durability. SST knows this and that understanding affects every step in our manufacturing and sourcing processes.


SST Transceivers RUN COOLER than other third party transceivers
  • Tri-Side 14 tab heat-sink dissipates more heat allowing our SFP+ to run 15% cooler than many competitors.
  • 6-layer PCB (printed circuit board) ensures equal heat dissipation.
  • Industrial Temperature copper shielding is used to isolate heat generated by the TOSA optic.


SST Transceivers LAST LONGER because we take extra steps to ensure long term reliability.
  • Power to ground layer: Copper pads built into the PCB ensure a solid ground between the optical transceiver and the platform chassis.
  • Industrial Temperature Resin coated polyurethane laser enclosures perform better in extreme conditions.
  • Rugged Finisar style enclosure is designed for Mission Critical applications.
  • 6-layer PCB improves long term structural reliability.
  • Industrial temperature ribbon cables are used to connect TOSA and BOSA lasers to PCB.
SST Transceivers GO FARTHER than other third party transceivers.
  • Power to ground plane insulated power signal allows longer link distances, often going above and beyond OEM specifications.
Compatibility is Key with Optical Network Transceivers:
  • OEM Software Codes: The compatibility of transceivers to the devices they are used in is controlled by OEM software codes embedded in the transceiver. Most 3rd party suppliers buy these codes on the open market. The quality & longevity is unknown. SST engineers our OEM software codes so that the hardware functions 100% the same as the original version. SST codes can withstand firmware changes and OS updates. Not all transceiver manufacturers can make this claim.
  • Industrial Strength pull-tabs are color coded to meet exact OEM specifications.
  • Updated pinout design ensures 100% brand compatibility in all NIC applications.


TAA Compliance and Traceability to the Source
  • SST TAA Compliant Transceivers are assembled in TAA Compliant Countries using TAA Compliant Components
  • Serialized components are used to authenticate TAA compliant Country of Origin (COO)


Procure with Confidence™ with Sole Source Technology
  • We stand behind our products with a commitment to service that starts with the initial contact and extends through the entire life of the product.
  • Free Evaluation Units and On-Site Buffer Inventory
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • 100% Compatibility Guarantee – Now & In the Future
  • No OEM Warranty Issues (by law)
  • 24X7 Tech Support: (3) Optical Techs, (2) Network Design Engineers & (1) Optical Engineer
  • Every Part verifiable as TAA Compliant with full traceability to the source.
  • Strong Compatibility and Quality Assurance Testing
    • Original OEM Systems In House
    • Complete Control of Manufacturing & Test Processes


Sole Source Technology is your partner for high quality optical network transceivers. Call us today for great pricing, availability and service!


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